Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jay Servidio Or Teleteria; Your Reliable Partner In Making Your Adult Site A Success.

The quality web-design you deserve.
Jay Servidio, Teleteria Inc. president, has been a reliable partner in making over hundreds of adult sites a success since the year 1994. He is a highly reliable designer, host and marketer who specializes in custom adult sites; being instrumental in the success of many people, generating profits from their sites. He is capable of developing distinct websites for individuals and companies that give value to small upcoming enterprises and more so adds value to the already established enterprises.

How does it precisely work?

You can turn your site into an ideal booming business as elaborated below. Acquire an adult turn-key website and basically generate revenue through live video, membership and toy store.

·         Live Video revenue; You sell membership to your clients on your site and they get access to unlimited number of live models on web cam, in a group chat room. You get a third of the money generated from what the models charge the members on chat of which ranges between $ 1.00-15.00.

·         Monthly membership revenue; By acquiring a membership site designed by any of our certified designers, you get the advantage of people purchasing a recurring monthly membership to access your site’s content. Meanwhile, a billing company is responsible for collecting the revenue harnessed from such content ranging from videos, photo library to live web cam models. This content is showcased in a variety of categories to suit your client’s needs. You don’t share your revenue with us as it is directly paid to you by the billing company thus your revenue is guaranteed.

·         Toy store revenue; We connect you to the largest adult toy store that deals with a variety of items including lingerie, lotions, sex toys, jewelery and dvds and you generate 25% revenue on each item sold by the toy store through your store and the revenue is directly paid to you.

·         Adult dating site revenue; By virtue of your having a member site, you are an affiliate of hence you can provide a platform for your clients to signup and find dating partners. These members who signup for dating pay some revenue which they will pay directly to you.

You can get all these advantages and generate profits from your site by contacting us to obtain our unmatched quality web development services that you deserve.


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